Candy Swap Slot Review

Main Facts

Released: October 2014
Software: Nektan
Coin Values: 0,09 up to 9
Paylines: 9
Reels: 5
Jackpot: 2500 Coins
Free Spins: Yes

Candy Swap SlotRemember all those times you cried so hard because you wanted nothing more than a piece of candy? Well, thanks to Nektan’s creative team, you can now sample all the sweeties you didn’t get to back when you was a child, with a little help from the winlines of Candy Swap. The style of this 5 reels game isn’t what you’d call fresh or different, as Nektan has decidedly opted for a familiar format that they rarely deviate from.

Although this is the case, there’s more to this title that soon makes up for the lack of individuality, most prominently the Candy Swap bonus features of the paytable. And should you not be that fussed about any gimmicky extras, due to you being more interested in a purist approach to gambling, there’s a considerable win of 2,500 credits on the cards for those who brave that initial wager.


Some previous reviews have described the graphics of this slot machine as charming, but that isn’t quite true; while the aesthetics are attractive, they haven’t got much of a personality to them. This is more a food themed pokie that delivers colourful foods in a variety of cartoony symbols. It lacks depth or vision, but it does the bare minimum in translating the theme across to all customers.

One of the elements of Candy Swap that we have the most problem with is that Nektan has simply placed card values upon the interface and coloured them in pastel shades. Given the fact that they were able to craft cola bottles and gummy bears, it seems odd that such creativity wasn’t expanded to the lesser value symbols as well. And while it means that it’s easy to distinguish between high and low returns, we feel that a full grid of detailed imagery would have been more stimulating for users. The way it is right now is just flat and a little lifeless, which is a shame as we know Nektan is a top brand with much experience.

Casinos to Play Candy Swap Slot


As some of you will know, if slot machines are you’re preferred form of gaming, many software labels stick to specific traits, e.g. they keep the same number of winlines. This is what happens with Candy Swap, as it basically has the same design dynamics as Carnival Cup, and yet the themes of these two activities are worlds apart. These lines can be decreased down to a single winline, to give customers a more challenging playthrough, though in doing so it’ll make getting those two of a kind or over combos harder to make.

Yes, you did read that right, this slot offers a two of a kind victory for the important tiles of the paytable, such as the fried egg sweet and the Candy Swap game logo; in total there’s five bigger value icons, alongside the scatter and wild symbols. The payouts of the tiles start off low at x5, but can end up at the x2,500 we mentioned earlier. What you wager doesn’t impact on the returns of these symbols, and so you can stick with the min stake of 0.09 credits instead of the maximum 9.

Unfortunately, none of the above comes with an autoplay option, which seems most odd considering how many users rely on hands free gaming when busy or short of time. However, in a decision that should help brighten your mood a little, there’s the underlying bonus of a higher RTP set at 96.34%, which is higher than the industry average. As a result, you should receive more regular spins than if you played with a game at 95% or below, in theory at least.

Reel Values

Special Features

The wild symbol is the first special we want to mention, though we use the term special losely, seeing as how it only pays out the highest paying symbol when three of them land on the reels. This is much less exciting than the free spins, a set of freeplays which comes from three of the chocolate covered circular arrow icons; the tasty sprinkles of this symbol ensure that you can play for big wins without it costing you any money. And best of all, Nektan has ensured that these spins can be reactivated, which furthers the intensity of the round.

Conclusion of Candy Swap Slot Review

Having played several Nektan titles before this one, we have to say that we were underwhelmed by what Candy Swap brought to the table. Instead of offering something different to the norm, or at the very least building on the foundations of convention, this activity just adhered to it. Although we can appreciate that not every penny slot needs to be groundbreaking, it doesn’t hurt for brands to think outside the box more often than not, especially due to how stagnated the iGaming industry is.

If, unlike us, you found the dynamics of this title more than suitable for your interests, then you should know that Nektan slots provide much of the same, and so if you love this game you’d sure to like the others from them also. To play any of their other titles, you can visit a casino of your choice and load up a freeplay of the activities; due to how popular Nektan is, finding them online shouldn’t be an issue at all.