Cave Raiders Slot Review

Main Facts

Released: 2014
Software: Nektan
Coin Values: 0,01 up to 1
Paylines: 25
Reels: 5
Jackpot: 1000 Coins
Free Spins: Yes

Cave Raiders SlotSomewhere, deep inside us all, is an adventurer waiting to be unleashed. It might happen now or several years down the line, but eventually that explorer within will be woken up and set free… And it might just be today, should you opt to play this Cave Raiders slot, created by Nektan. As the title suggests, this is a game that is all about the dangers and thrill of adventures, with intrigue, gold, and perils in equal measure upon the 5 reels of the grid. Then add into the mix a female and male duo, and you have the makings of a pokie that might just be able to rival Indiana Jones. We say ‘might’, as we’ve yet to fully test the winlines of this slot machine for ourselves, and until that happens, we can’t give our seal of approval.


In regards to the aesthetics of this particular one armed bandit, Nektan have gone for their traditional old style cartoon design. All the characters you see within the 5 reels have an unrealistic edge to them, almost a caricature of people and their appearances. In opting for this, they create a more fun filled atmosphere, and one that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has a feel good atmosphere to it, coupled with that need to explore and adventure into the unknown.

We take issue however, with the layout of this title because of the way the screen has been organised: the controls sit on top of the imagery. It makes the whole theme and design feel cluttered and therefore less enjoyable, more so when playing for prolonged periods. The saving grace of this is that when you spin the reels, the controls disappear for a short while, so that users can appreciate the iconography of the game.

Although we like what we’re seeing, in comparison with other brand similar in age to Nektan, we soon realise that Cave Raiders is basic looking at best. It lacks visual depth. That being said, we have to ask whether that matters so much when all you might want is a quick mobile friendly punt?

Casinos to Play Cave Raiders Slot


As we’ve just mentioned, this Nektan activity is compatible with your mobile devices, allowing for you to spin and win whilst on the go. However, you won’t be able to do that unless you familiarise yourself with the paytable values, the symbols that bag the most bucks, and any mini games thrown in for good measure. Just like any other adventurer out there, you can’t go unprepared!

Finding the paytable isn’t as simple as we’d like, in that you have to click a couple of buttons to get to all the info, but it serves as an accessible means of information when all is said and done. All rewards listed remain the same, regardless of whether you go all high roller and wager the max bet of 25 credits, or whether you play it safe and bet with 0.25. Better yet, you can play for fun without having to lose out on any real money.

Customers will notice that the paytable has several symbols, some of which are basic in their design, while others are more high end; the latter are where the bulk of your cash rewards come from. Due to the dynamics of this grid – 25 winlines and 96.3% RTP – gamblers will have a medium volatility and low variance experience. This in turn should mean people make reasonable wins, although not everyone will become a major winner. All you need to do is line up three, four or five of any tile and money will be added to your account.


Special Features

Seeing as how this is a Nektan title, there is a bonus to play with, however it’s on the small side, consisting of nothing more than free spins and a generous wild icon. These are pretty standard returns from any online pokie brand, and so we’re not blown away by what we’re given. Nonetheless, a bonus is a bonus, and so we need to get over three of the spin tile, aka the scatter, if we’re to enjoy some free gaming.

No details are given as to how long the feature lasts, nor whether you can retrigger it, but maybe that’s part of the fun? The fact that we’re kept guessing until we strike it lucky is what makes it thrilling. As for the wild, the same rules of lining up the icons on the paylines apply, only here a substituting win results in larger payouts.


We’ve raided the caves of this slot and have left richer than when we entered. That being said, we didn’t experience as much wonder as we thought we would, given the adventure theme of the game. Fortunately for us, there’s a sequel to this slot machine, and so we can keep our fingers crossed that the issues here have been ironed out in that installment.