Dragon’s Dynasty Slot Review

Main Facts

Released: 2014
Software: Nektan
Coin Values: 0,01 up to 1
Paylines: 15
Reels: 5
Jackpot: 500 Coins
Free Spins: Yes

Dragon’s Dynasty SlotWe’re serving up oriental vibes with this Nektan free slot machine. This subtle and beautiful title is low key in its features, but in doing so it creates a sense of tranquility; the perfect combination for such a slot, don’t you think? Serenity awaits you, but for you to access it, you’ll need to decide whether you want to play for real money or try out the game first. Hopefully our review will help you make that decision, as we intend to delve deep into the folklore of the Dragon’s Dynasty and reveal all its secrets, both good and bad. Only then will we be able to find calm and true inner peace. This journey could be long, young apprentice, so make sure to be prepared.


In truth, we had been expecting more from this design, given the name of the slot machine; we had anticipated lots of dragon iconography, maybe even fiery imagery, and yet we received a gentle pink screen, awash with greenery. We don’t mind really, but it does make us feel that the name of this dollar slot misinforms the user, making them believe they’re getting an experience that they actually aren’t.

Alongside our initial confusion, you then have the basic nature of the aesthetics themselves. Even though we find them soothing, some customers may find them all too boring, with their 2D flatness adding no dynamic to the gaming screen. If we had to guess at the age of this penny slot, we’d say that this is one of Nektan’s oldest slots, or that it’s been made to look more vintage than what it actually is. Nevertheless, the rustic charm of this genre adds a quirk to the activity, which makes it unique in its own right. No, this slot doesn’t wow us, but it doesn’t have to, all it needs to do is deliver a suitable backdrop, which it has done more than adequately enough.

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We attempt to step away from criticism now by taking a look at what the paytable can do for you and your wallet, assuming you play for real money. By accessing the menu, players can do a number of things, chiefly finding the monetary returns of all 13 symbols. These icons are split into two categories: the high limit icons and the low limit ones. They’re easy to tell apart, as the card suits have little character to them, they’re simply a letter or number and then that’s in. The higher rewarding ones however, are designed as oriental objects, with lanterns and pink lotuses guiding us to victory.

Every single one of these tiles, even the ones that don’t reward you with money, have to be grouped together in numbers of either three, four or five. Out of these groupings, a three of a kind win will herald in the lowest returns, while the five will always provide the greatest number of credits. As for the most gamers can potentially win, that’s a considerable 500 coins; it’s a little on the low side, but it isn’t a bad jackpot to bank at the end of your game.

Now for a few more basics before we move onto the bonuses. The 5 reels are home to 15 winlines, with the overall RTP being a reasonable 96,6%; this means that you should win more than you lose. In theory. In addition to these paylines, you also have the betting range, a place where you can stake as few as coins as 0.15 or as many as 15 credits.


Special Features

Seeing as variance is undeniably on the low side, we welcome the free spins, even if they seem mundane in nature when compared with bonuses found elsewhere. Players can trigger these free games, provided they line up over three of the scatter icon, depicted by a simple arrow. There’s no telling how many waves you’ll get on the house until you play the feature for yourselves, but maybe that’s Nektan’s way of leaving our fates up to the dragons…? All we know is that this little mini game isn’t one that’ll sustain us for very long, yet on the other hand, it’ll be more than handy when we’re gaming whilst out and about.


Dragon’s Dynasty is a slot that has been incorrectly named; it doesn’t deliver action and fantasy, but rather a safe haven where you can play for money without the stresses of everyday life. Even though Nektan have done a poor job in explaining these via the title alone, they have ensured that users who visit this Chinese garden receive subtle rewards. We actually like this game, even in spite of its flaws, but we wouldn’t recommend it due to the lack of depth it possesses. Our final verdict would be a three out of five star rating, simply because prolonged periods of play aren’t suited to this type of slot machine.