Meow Money Slot Review

Main Facts

Released: 2014
Software: Nektan
Coin Values: 0,01 up to 1
Paylines: 9
Reels: 5
Jackpot: 2500 Coins
Free Spins: Yes

Meow Money SlotNektan has gone all out animal in their Meow Money slot machine, though it’s more domesticated than the big cats out there. This cute and fluffy interface is more geared to female users, as signified by the pinks and purples of the palette, although the game is open to all genders. Although we don’t like how sexist this design could be seen as being, we can’t deny that the imagery and aesthetic used is striking: there’s kittens, bright coloured tiles and leopard print gone wild. It’s a bit of an animal, you might say. Our job, as the new owners of this slot, is to see whether these kitties can be litter trained, or whether they’re a lost cause. Fingers crossed they settle in just fine, as we hate saying bye to anything adorable and big eyed.


We’ve sort of touched upon the theme already, but to clarify further, this is an animal themed pokie that is based on some of our favourite animals: cats. True, you’re either a cat lover or you’re not, but feline lovers everywhere will rejoice at how purrfect the aesthetic of this slot machine is. It might not be polished off, and it certainly isn’t the most modern around, but it does the job of catching the playful nature of cats.

What we find most intriguing though, is the fact that Nektan have placed cartoon graphics alongside photo realistic ones. It’s a curious decision, with some arguing that it doesn’t quite work, but we feel it just makes the whole matrix all that more individual. It’s not like you’d forget the way this game looks in a hurry!

And should you not favour the chaos of the aesthetic, you likely will appreciate the way the interface has been laid out, with the controls kept minimal in their design. This is a trait that Nektan seem to opt for more often than not, and we have to say that it really does give the game a greater sense of space and drama. Not that you get an unconventional grid, as you’re given the classic 3×5 matrix, followed by a specific number of winlines. It’s quirky, but not so much so that it upsets the generic conventions of slot machines.

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So far we’ve been pulled in by the graphics of this pokie, but we’re sad to say that the gameplay doesn’t mirror that playfulness seen elsewhere. Instead, Nektan have decided to do their old trick of gifting users will 13 symbols, one of which heralds in a mini game. We wish we could be more enthusiastic about it, but the fact is you get the same gameplay over and over with their older activities, which is a shame as the games could have been more personalised.

The wild and scatter are the symbols that deliver the extras you might be seeking, while the remaining 10 offer financial gain in the form of multipliers of your maximum bet. And so, the higher your stake, the better your returns can be, meaning it pays to be a high roller when it comes to Meow Money. The money you can hope to receive varies, but you’ll never get below 2 credits, which sounds poor, but is actually better than numerous other online slots available. The most you can receive is 2,500 credits, and you can have combinations as small as two of a kind to form a winning line, though such formations won’t generate large payouts.

As for the dynamics of the grid, there’s only 9 winlines, meaning that it’s quite high in volatility, and as you already know, the variance could do with a boost. We doubt even the side game will save it in terms of diversity.


Special Features

So what else does this 96.34% RTP give us? Well, there’s the leopard print free spins icon, depicted as a circling arrow. If customers get enough of these (at least three or more), they’ll be rewarded with a selection of free games, meaning you save a few bucks while potentially winning a few more. It’s not anything to get excited about, seeing as how most dollar slots deliver the same gameplay, but at least it gives us another layer of entertainment for our money. After that, there’s nothing other than the wild, an icon that substitutes other tiles to give you an increased chance of creating a win.


In our opinion, Meow Money is a slot that could have easily not been made and it wouldn’t be missed. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t think it a poor Nektan title, just one that doesn’t properly encompass what the label is capable of. We know Nektan can do better, we’ve seen it from their Big 5 Safari Slot machine, and so this almost feels like a bit of an insult to them. If we had to give a rating out of five, it would be a low three stars, simply as more is needed across the board.