Mummy Gold Slot Review

Main Facts

Released: 2014
Software: Nektan
Coin Values: 0.01 up to 1
Paylines: 25
Reels: 5
Jackpot: 1000 Coins
Free Spins: Yes

Mummy Gold Slot ReviewThe dusty dunes of Ancient Egypt are reaching out to us, through our screens and into our homes, thanks to this Nektan owned slot machine, Mummy Gold. This online, mobile friendly pokie has a traditional take on the theme, delivering creeping mummies and all seeing eyes as far as we can see. We like this, as the aesthetic means that we’re kept grounded and in familiar territories. But what of the gameplay? Now that is something we have yet to fully experience. As this has the Nektan name attached to it, we suspect that the gameplay will be similar to their other online slots, particularly those older in age, like Pearls Fortune. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean we’re in for a bad experience, and so we ready ourselves for a roam into the tombs of old pharaohs.


Instead of having us partake on the journey of discovering these tombs with them, Nektan have decided to place us in the middle of the action: inside the tombs. This means that not only do we get a simpler interface to engage with, but that we don’t have to faff around dealing with gimmicky opening videoes. By being able to start a lot quicker, we’re able to get to grips with the theme and design of this pokie.

The aesthetic is of a vintage nature, with the colours more muted than what we tend to see from modern slots. We don’t mind this, but we anticipate that some younger generations of players might, as the colours are murkier and less on the attractive side. That being said, you have a fine sample of Egyptian imagery coming into play from the symbols of the paytable. True, there’s flat 2D card values, but they’re decorated to look like they fit inside the design, which in turn allows us to engage with them more easily.

What we would say about the whole design, the end result so to speak, is that it’s quite cluttered. The controls may have been refined to create a more open plan space, but Nektan then seemed to have filled every inch of the screen with a different colour and/or image. It can be quite overwhelming on the eyes.


When it comes to getting properly started, aka betting, users need to go to the Stakes and Lines section; in there they’ll find the 25 winlines and the betting threshold. Both of these can be changed to suit your volatility preferences, as well as complementing the budget you have. What is more, those looking for nothing but pure fun can game for free. Above this you’ll find the Menu button that hides the paytable, then on the opposite side of the grid you’ll see the spin button. It’s all neatly laid out.

Nektan deliver us a total of 13 symbols, which is what they do with all their slots, with each of them having their own value, be it monetary or with a bonus attached. The most we can get in return is 1,000 coins, coming in from the Mummy Gold logo. Any tile you land on a winline needs to be in a combo of at least three and no more than five, anything smaller and you won’t get your win. As the RTP is said to be 96.3%, gamers shouldn’t struggle too much in the way of making frequent wins.

Special Features

Seeing as how Mummy Gold is lacking in variance, we thought we’d mention the wild symbol within the special features section, seeing as how it does a unique job. When three or more wilds appear, a substituted win will come your way, which usually means a greater level of payout. However, wilds can be tricky to land, so it might take some time before you see them form a pattern upon your matrix.

Speaking of tricky to land, the spin icon, commonly known as the scatter, can also take awhile to appear on those lines. This is likely because of its free play effects, allowing users to play so many rounds free of charge. We can’t say how long this round will last, as we weren’t able to trigger this bonus for ourselves, however we do know that it can be retriggered during the feature.


Let’s be honest about this, the Egyptian theme has been done to death by various other companies, and so Mummy Gold might not be a game you’re eager to play. Nevertheless, if you can get past its generic markers, you’ll soon find an average slot machine that will come in handy when you need a quick gaming fix. This isn’t a showstopper of a title, but it’ll give you some extra coins when you need them most, and it’ll do so with a pleasant, though dated, design.