Pearls Fortune Slot Review

Main Facts

Released: 2014
Software: Nektan
Coin Values: 0,01 up to 1
Paylines: 9
Reels: 5
Jackpot: 2500 Coins
Free Spins: Yes

Pearls LogoWe’re going to dive under the waves and experience all the wonders of sea life when we play the Nektan developed Pearls Fortune. The name alone will tell you that this pokie is going to be a pearler of a slot machine, though it’ll happen in a laid back and relaxed way. This is because Nektan have taken a compact approach to the delivery of this interface, with only a small selection of symbols and winlines to work with. Think of it as bringing the challenges of the water, but that the waves are gentle enough that you won’t get washed away. We have our flippers at the ready, and our wetsuits are finally zipped up, so it’s about time we surrendered ourselves to waves.


It goes without saying, given the name and what we’ve already said, that this is a water themed online pokie. Even though that might sound straightforward, there’s actually many layers to this slot genre, and so we wanted to walk you through what you can expect. After all, the initial gaming screen you see doesn’t always tell you the full story, as Nektan showed us with their Troll’s Tale.

The game doesn’t have any introductory clips to play us, which means that getting into the gameplay is a lot faster than with some one armed bandits. Furthermore, it ensures that you’re introduced to all the paytable symbols within a short timeframe, in all their animated glory. The Nektan brand might not go all out with 3D styling, but what it lacks in visual depth it makes up with in the attractiveness of the icons.

As for the tiles, they’re sea themed (as you’d expect), showcasing an array of aquatic creatures, as well as some sunken treasure and pearls. However, there are also less appealing tiles, visually speaking, that take the form of standard card suits seen inside many other classic slots. It would have been nice to have every single symbol unique in design, but we wouldn’t say it overly affects the end results.

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In regards to gameplay, we have to admit that stimulation isn’t exactly Pearls Fortune’s forte, and the reason why is due to Nektan. Although the brand is respected, and develops popular titles, it does have a habit of sticking to the same format over and over. As a result, the games can feel one and the same, with only the aesthetics ever changing; we would say that this is an issue that dogs this dollar slot.

Nevertheless, we don’t wish to diminish the rewards of the paytable, as it can be considerable should you get enough of the right symbols. All the symbols pay, except for the spins and wild, but not all of them are valued equal; if you want big bucks, you need to be aiming for the individualised tiles, such as the Pearls Fortune logo. If you do this, you could be looking at a cool 2,500 credits for a combination of five on any of the 9 winlines. This result is always the same, regardless of whether you bet the minimum wager or the top 9 credits.

Due to the small size of the matrix, we’d say that this is a medium volatility game, although the RTP of 96% would have you think otherwise. Even though we formed wins, we wouldn’t say we created them as easily as that statistic suggests. And in regards to variance, aside from the basic symbols and the special feature (we’re coming to that next), we’d say it’s a low variety activity.

Intro of Pearls Fortune Slot

Special Features

When we say special feature, in reference to Pearls Fortune slot, it’s more a filler extra than an actual bonus game. It’s not that we don’t value having that added feature, but it’s that the free spins are so common within this market that we’ve played them a dozen times over, and with different brands.

In Nektan’s case, you’ll need at least three of the spin symbol, decorated as such to ensure it’s easy to spot. Once you manage this on one of those paylines, you’ll be given a limited number of rounds where the reels spin for free. Due to the lack of information from the paytable, we can’t tell you how many rounds you get, or if you can reactivate the feature. So sadly, this is a vague part of the title, but you could argue it’s because it’s shrouded in mystery…

Conclusion of Pearls Fortune Slot Review

Pearls Fortune slot is an okay slot machine, but it isn’t one of Nektan’s best. In fact, we’d say that it’s been designed to be a gap filler, a title that you play in between finding bigger and better activities. Nonetheless, the activity still offers real cash prizes, as well as friendly and rather calming interface, coupled with easy to navigate controls.