Seven Cherries Offers Booster Bonus

When it comes to fleeting promotions, such as competitions, the scope of these offers tends to be large and grand, with users being tempted by the promise of huge prize pools. However, while large gains are most appealing, they also present a less than ideal way for customers to work for such prizes, after all, not everyone can make the grade during a tournament. This is why the Booster Bonus from Nektan’s Seven Cherries is more intriguing, as it’s a short lived deal, only valid on specific days, and only delivering a small bonus at that, and yet it promises an accessibility that few other deals do.

The gist of this promotion is that paying customers will make a deposit of £10 or over on the valid days of the promotion, which will then qualify them to receive a 10% bonus worth up to £200. As already stated, this is small in value, with most deposit bonuses delivering a far greater value for money than what’s seen here. However, these 10% rewards can be scored on April 10th, 12th, 17th, 19th, 23rd and 26th, as well as May 1st. What this means is that you can actually make back quite a bit in bonus monies, and without breaking the bank. These are the types of promotions that often get overlooked, and yet they’re extremely valuable due to how easily they can be accessed by all walks of gamers, not just those with vast disposable incomes.

On the days of this deal, customers will have until midnight to make that £10 deposit, with the bonus only applied to the first allocation of that day. Therefore, don’t go thinking one deposit after another on April 12th will see you rolling in riches, as the money is only valid for one deposit per day. This seems more than fair, given the amount of misuse that could happen if there wasn’t a limit imposed.

In regards to when you will receive the monies, that can take up to three working days to be credited to your account. Although you have a short wait in between qualifying and receiving the bonus, once it’s been placed in your account, you’ll have 28 days to utilise that reward on any number of permitted slot machines. To be certain that you don’t start working towards the wagering requirements by using the wrong games, Seven Cherries has a list of prohibited titles inside its terms and conditions, which we advise all users to read.

Seven Cherries Offers Booster BonusSpeaking of the wagering requirements, the standard x30 is placed upon the deposit bonuses you secure from the Booster Bonus, with the cash conversion requirement restricted to x20. If you’re at all confused about such details, the Seven Cherries support team will be able to go into more detail about how rollover necessities work, though we can assure you that the terms explain them well.

If you should miss out on any of the days mentioned, this won’t stop you from qualifying from the next, but will simply mean that the bonus monies you receive in total will be a lot less than gamers who deposited on all seven of the qualifying days. This is a nice and steady promotion to get behind, one that we feel will have much more appeal to casual players than anything a large prize pool could offer.